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Sunganani Nyirenda from Malawi message

Sunganani Nyirenda from Malawi message
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Dear Hana,

Thanks Hana for your message. I am a Malawian man, coming from a developing country that needs modern technology to advance. The car that I’ll win will have your sticker which will advertise for you wherever I go. Malawi, being one of the developing countries in Africa needs a more advanced product at a low price and which is easy to maintain. The biggest challenge with developing countries is that of money to purchase modern goods. The low prices that you offer on modern cars earn you a place in developing countries like my country Malawi. Some modern cars of 2004 like Toyota Vitz are going at $400 or less which is very rare. These cars are easy to maintain in terms of fuel since they have low consumption. To developing countries like Malawi, this is just an added advantage. We need more adverts of you.
Sunganani Nyirenda

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