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steven minora from Malawi message

steven minora from Malawi message
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Dear, Hanna Yurimoto
Chief Marketing Officer, Car From Japan Co.,Ltd.

Glad that am one of the participating members in this competition, well organized by car from japan co LTD. Am recommending this great idea of thanking your customers, assured that this idea will spread to non customers like me which in return be partners,agents and great customers.hence increases the customer base across the continent and bring a huge value to your company.

Car from japan is really an ideal business company that help uplift the lives of people at a multi sectoral dimension, in fulfilling the desires of people as they desire to”
1.have a personal car

  1. start new business eg car hires and general transportation
    3.or even being an agent, of Car From Japan co. Ltd.

However, (though its its too early for me to sell my ideas to you) but as a company a lot has to be done to improve the delivery of your services in all angels of market. Thus to say you have to.
To have more advertisements of your commodities, though you are on internet but to reach the large masses you need to create more market bass or to say market centers by having selling agents bearing your brand or just to increasing the company by establishing it in other countries across the continent. .
To get or win the competitive customer base more competitions, charity works and sports sponsorships has to be look into critically . because this will work hand in hand with brand marketing and then make more customers.
Also consider issues of other Promotions like reducing the prices of your commodities that can make people feel cheaper in comparison to other dealers
Net work with other partnership so that they can be center points of goods delivery and make the deliver at list closer to the customers for example make Songwe boarder( border of Tanzaia and Malawi) your customer delivery base for those customers in Malawi.

Individually, i feel being potential in helping uplifting the marketing base in my country Malawi if i can emerge the winner, and increase the market and customer base of the company. since i will help increase the publication of this Brand not only at Urban level but even at a Rural level, the group of people that are easily forgotten when it comes to Big business like car selling but they are the best customers if well managed.

Finally i should not stop thanking you for the great idea of coming up with this great give away. My plea to the judges and the entire staff is to do a very professional work at all cost, those deserve to win should do so. In advance let me wish the winners of this great idea well wishes and to encourage those who will not do well not to give up but keep on trying.

To car From Japan Co. Ltd, this should not be last but to bring more and more items on your desk to make people happy and get to know you more and more in so doing they will be your dearest customers
In conclusion i repeat what i wrote on my face book wall ; ” THE BEST IS YET TO COM. from Car From Japan Co LTD.

All the best and nice work
Steven Minora – Malawi

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