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Stephen mumo from Kenya message

Stephen mumo from Kenya message
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Why I would like to be the winner of a Car From Japan.

I am Stephen and I am would like to be the winner of this opportunity. I got to know about this Car From Japan website from my father who imports cars from here.

I would like to have a newer car to use to go to University where I am still currently studying civil engineering.
I usually use public means to got to school but I also have a Japanese used car (Toyota Ipsum) that wash imported long ago but it is getting old.
A new car would benefit me a lot and help me save a lot of money since it would have fewer mechanical issues like the one I currently have.
It would also allow me more time to carry out my side business, where I run a carwash.
I think ‘Car From Japan’ is a popular website since many people I know use it to import cars to Kenya, where I live.
There is a huge increase in the number of used Japanese cars in our country, and I think your website is very easy, straight forward and safe to use.
I shall definitely encourage more of my friends and other people to use this website when they want to import a car from Japan.
I hope that you will consider my plea and help me out.
Thank You.

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