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Stephanie Kay Taufa from New Zealand message

Stephanie Kay Taufa from New Zealand message
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Hi there! I am a customer all the way from New Zealand! I think i deserve this car because I have definitely been spreading the word about your amazing and awesome company with literally the best competition in this whole world. I even have a family member who won one of your cars last year and he was all the way in Tonga! The change you made to his and my familys life is something i cant describe in words. So a little bit about me? I am a 20 year old girl from NZ. I currently work full time to help my parents because only my dad works at the moment. My parents recently bought me a 1996 Toyota Corolla little 2 door car that has been getting me around recently because its the only car we had the money for. It would literally be my dream come true to receive one of your cars! I think this competition that you run every year is amazing. In the beginning when i first heard of you, I really couldnt believe it at all! Well who would’ve thought that you could win an actual car just by entering a competition! It just sounds too good to be true. So when i was in Tonga last December and witnessed my cousin find out he had won a car, I knew i had to enter this amazing competition. Also, my dad has also entered so we can both try and win a car. Theres not much i can say to try and convince you that i am the most deserving out of all the hundreds of people who enter, but please choose me!! I always tell my friends about this competition because even if i didnt win, it would be so awesome for someone i knew to win! But please take into consideration everything and best of luck to everyone who enters! Thanks!!

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