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Stella Babweteera from Uganda message

Stella Babweteera from Uganda message
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Dear Hana Yurimoto,
Through you allow me extend my heart felt gratitude to Car From Japan for this great opportunity laid before me to win my life dream of owning a car and it will be my first.

Well if I win in this great tight completion, it will not only be me winning but my dear family as well, my children aged 3 year and 7 year will be most delighted to be dropped and picked from school in our own car. During school time I find it hard waking up my kids to go to school. We normally struggle for the available public means,, we call them “Taxi” and believe it or not its quite a challenge fighting to enter a taxi while taking care of the two sleepy little ones. I get then to school and proceed to work, then face the same hustle in the evenings day in day out. Usually we get home past 9:00pm and that time the kids are very exhausted yet they have to do home work, have a bath and take dinner, all they do is get to bed very late normally between 10:30pm and 11:00Pm yet they have to wake up at 5:00am to face another day.
I always think of owning a car and it would be time saving both on my side and mostly more convenient on my kids side. I am just imagining right now, how easy it would be for my little ones and i not lining up and struggling for taxis and saving time, catching enough sleep and having not to worry about being late or something of a sort. What a great way of making life easier for a family, thank God and thanks to Car from japan for the opportunity.

Om side owing this car would really make my movements much easier especially my side income earning Business and my farm. I do farming in my home village as a way of supplementing my income, which is about 350kms from kampala city where I work and live. This way I would not need to go to the bus station and wait for hours for the bus to get full so as to set off. I would move on my own convenient time. It would be easy for me to take the kids along such they too get involved in my farming activities and get to learn and appreciate where and how money comes into our pockets.
Going to church on Sundays and going for shopping too would become more easy and relaxed since the major issue of transport is solved.

As a single mother of two kids a boy and girl, aged 34 will be more than happy to win in this competition and have my life changed completely. Improving on my standards of living but most of all having time saving means for both my kids and I. I am very sure this will help in my son’s (7 years) grades in school improving as well. He is a smart little boy.

on the other hand; Considering the nature of our roads in Uganda, cars made in Japan are strong and durable here in Uganda. They are easy to maintain with good fuel consumption levels, easy to get spare parts, with nice interior design as well as good looking body (exterior). Making the cars from Japan and cars made in japan the best cars down here in Uganda and I would not love to settle for any other thing rather than a Car form Japan.
When I look at God’s creation and the types of seasons God made for Uganda i.e dry season and Rainy season, the cars go all year through. There is no need to pack the car during the rainy season, but rather enjoy your ride all the way, all year and all seasons. What more would I be looking for? Here is the best opportunity with the best offer of the best cars.

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you as a winner and may be meeting one of the staff from Car from japan. May God bless you and keep up the good work of changing people’s lives.

Best regards
Stella Babweteera

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