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Spencer Chirume from Zimbabwe message

Spencer Chirume from Zimbabwe message
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Konabwa Hana

My dad had two Nissan Skylines more than twenty years ago I was driving a RX8 in the UK but shipping it means that I knew I shouldn’t have done it at all. One needs to be careful about the engine, RX8s are rotary engines that need special attenation becaus it’s special.

You name it but of course I know a lot about Japan a few words like Konabwa or konichiwa Hana. I have a friend who’s a sensei like his father who like them have a place named after our last names. Theirs is Chiba mine is obvious.
I know a lot about Japan because I read a lot, I even listen to NHK online or the radio of course watching it because it’s even better. A car can say a lot about where it’s coming from and who is making it. So I would make a wish, a diesel hybrid doesn’t exist yet but why not.

People want their cars, I have been to South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Japanese cars are the most popular. It would be great to highlight and share some of things that get a car from the neighbourhood factories it’s end.

I also learnt a lot about Japan from books as my father was a publisher and a engineer before I was born. Our first cars weren’t Japanese makes. European cars were popular in the 70-80s so we had Renaults, he drove a Land Rover and VW Kombi. In the nineties our first cars were skylines like I mentioned before but he drove around Zimbabwe usually in Mazda B series pickups to deliver books around the clock until he retired. Recently my father drove a Toyota before he passed on last December. It was a six cylinder engine petrol car similar to the Skylines he drove in the nineties. Driving for me is only a necessity rather than anything else so I learnt how to drive a automatic when my father went ill last year. I prefer walking anytime but it’s more practical to drive when you have to be on time and when there’s no public transport or transit system. It’s handy to have a car parked.

Even if somehow people in Southern Africa were to get maglev bullet trains to get them around they will always want a car. For many a car is more than a status toy as a sign of wealth or prestige, serious people buy things that have value including vehicles that can generate income in place of banking.
So some of other things I know about Japan are nishime, soba noodles, bento, tofu, kirintanpo, kaisen-don, shogin-riyo, washoku and apart from the shinkansen it’s only what I’ve read, heard on the radio, seen on tv or online. I also know what every body called a outdoor TV antenna back in the days was developed in Japan by Uda Yagi, in engineering and ham radio we call it the Yagi Array antenna, it looks like fish bones that’s because I was into radio from grade school till today I’m into amateur radio something discovered in high school at our radio club. Almost everyone knows sushi or zushi, I know a bit more.
Everything is always different first hand in person. The world is smaller today and there’s much to learn, I will visit Japan one day and I’ll make sure I bring a camera or get one there.

I mentioned my friend Kenshin(@PitchAndStrike on Twitter) who I went to school with afterwards we even went to the same college and we where even based in the same part of London the last two at different times, he was across the River Thames at Canary Wharf and I at one of my campuses at Greenwich Maritime where a famous legend of a naval merchant ship is based – the Curry Sark, it’s a logo for my father’s company on their books. And oh Kenshin’s father when we were in school was seventh dan, that’s when we used to play as teenagers. I’m still with my University of Greenwich as a teaching assistant at one of its partner colleges, right now I’m on a indefinite sabbatical because my father had asked me to be with him in my first year at varsity, so I did that and returned to Harare before that time refering me to his company which is headquartered in London many times before but I already had a job even though it’s part time, it’s a job for life that’s even with offers from others – time can’t be bought. Opportunities happen in and out of that cycle of life.
When you understand it you know what’s most important much the same as good karma.

As a engineer there are a number of things to meaningfully experiment with in cars at home or on the move. I would appreciate a history of Japanese makes of everyday, concept and race cars even methods such as kaizen, kanban that are used in assembly lines. What I do know is that like in Europe, small cars are most popular especially when they have diesel engines. I see more European rather than Japanese cars of that type unless they are small pick up trucks, not everyone wants a pickup. Some want hybrid SUVs even in diesel. These days even cars can improve the home, by being a smart car that is the future.
It’s all about being efficient and saving the environment when we should, we know that happens when people save money by not overspending on things or fuel they do not need to get from A to B. For others that means trains where there are trains for most it means a bus or a car until trains or planes are affordably available for some trips.
Anyone will take what they can afford, model cars can make the difference when you can give that away to a enthusiast or child the same that happens with model trains.

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