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Sophiko Martiashvili from Georgia message

Sophiko Martiashvili from Georgia message
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Hello, I am very happy that I have registered here. I have seen an advertisement in the facebook wall and quickly started the resgistration here. Well the first I want to tell you all of you that you are doing very good job that you are making people happy, giving chance to win the car and take part to the competition. I am very proud that I am a part of this competition and give me a chance to win the car. I want to tell the site administration that you are very kindfull and generous that you are doing such thing. Well I think if you pick me as a winner I’ll be a happiest person in the world, because I’ll have a my dream car and the whole life I’ll tell you: thank you!! thank you!!! thank you!!!, because one happiest day you gave me a chance to win a car and make me the happiest person in the world. I think that Japanese car are very great cars, very powerful and cool. In my country people buys the car from Japan and everyone are satisfied, we love Japan cars!!! Thank you for all of that !!!

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