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Smart Sibanda from Zimbabwe message

Smart Sibanda from Zimbabwe message
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dear team

Im very glad to be part of this important car promotion from you company. Thank you for taking this initiative to give something back to the community, There is no better way to say “thank you” to the vast base of customers from across the globe. Im proud to be part of the “car from Japan” brand. i ready to stand as your brand ambassador in Africa , particularly in Zimbabwe where i am a resident and citizen. in recent years , Zimbabwe has risen as a major consumer of your products due to their affordability , durability and good customer care. i have been in touch with friends who have had a chance to do business with you and they say you have a very friendly , informative and professionally capable sales team , that responds to customer needs , queries and questions timeously. Your team thrives on making promises and deliver results in time, friends who bought cars from your company say , they say that after buying a product , if you say the product will get to the receiving bay in a month or so , you meet the time frame stated. i have noted with joy that from a wide range of car dealers from across the face of the globe , you are the only car dealer that gives that gives car for free to customers and potential customers. This is a laudable step that your company is not just concerned with sales figures and profit but also to build a strong relationships in communities you operate businesses or wish and to expand your business venture into in your strive to serve the global market. These annual free promotions you run benefit the less privileged members who never dreamed of possessing a motor car. Secondly , beneficiary members of this free car campaign will duly stand as your brand ambassadors and marketing mangers. By making us join in the free car promotion , im sure you cut down on the sales and marketing budgets and , we the participants , take over the job for you. Word of mouth has become the strongest marketing tool in today’s business world. Following the global economic meltdown , automobiles and spares are out of reach for the majority of the people , but your website has provided a better option and solution to potential car owners. Your reliability in service delivery has demystified the myth that Japan has found a dumping site in African struggling economies. Some people have even gone to the extent of raising environment and climatic concerns that could emanate from second hand used car from your company. like i said earlier on , Zimbabwean market is flooded with cars from your country on the basis and understanding that they are cheap , safe to use , have available spares parts and meet our weather requirements. In Zimbabwe , cars from your company are used by wide spectrum of customers , that is , as family cars , company cars and in public transport as taxis. I think the organization, car from Japan , is doing a wonderful job by try to transfer technology and wealth to less developed parts of the world. if only cars are taken out of the system , it gives those how are into research and product development to come up and devise new ways of designing new products and bring them onto the market. That investment into new technologies will give japan a competitive edge over the first world economies like the, Uk , USA , Germany , Spain, Italy , and the far East. We are in the technical error and any investment in this regard simply miss you are miss ahead of the pack. Employment will on the rise and the the nation’s gross domestic product will be on the rise. I have noted that you organization has taken a big stride in reducing and alleviating poverty on the face of the earth, by this i mean to say , by selling your cars cheaper than other supplier , you actually afforded car dealer in different countries to hire more people in areas of clearing vehicles and helping customers at the port of entry. This saves time for those customers who are based in landlocked countries away from the sea port. In Tanzania , employment in places near the port is have high as young organize themselves into groups that help the car car buyers that come from as far as Zimbabwe and Zambia who dont have too much time to wait. The concerned guys run around and get the paper work done , though that is not for free but for a reasonable fee . You action has a ripple effect in the sense that , the act starts with you out there trying to sell a motor vehicle , you get a buyer who pays you money , you hand the car over to the shipping company , which will charge a fee for their service , the shipper will contact an insurance company to insure the goods , the car will be handed over to a car dealer in conjunction with the port authorities. Goods and money are changing hands , the business that was started off between and customer Y , has benefited quite a number of people along the chain of distribution. In business terms , this has had a spill over effect , one business act led to another and another and so on . My observation is that is conscious of disparities in terms of lifestyle amongst nations dotted on the globe. People in the world are at very different stages of economic development . African legs behind in terms of economic development hence unemployment , poverty and low incomes are witnessed here at a very large scale. I salute the person in your organization who noted the potential Africa had as a destination for second hand cars. Considering that your counrty has a very small area in terms of land , dumping those cars could have posed environmental challenges and lose of revenue

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