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Sitwala Silwendo from Zambia message

Sitwala Silwendo from Zambia message
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Japanese used car is an asset so marvellous to own! At the moment I’m in possession of a Suzuki Grand Escudo 2003 model which I bought through ‘Beforward’ in the year 2013, it’s a very strong and reliable car such that many Zambians admired it and followed suit by buying. So far we have a good number of them in our area yet I was the first one to buy such a commendable from Japan. The terrain in the western region of my country Zambia is sandy. For that, I made sure to buy a 4WD car which has since then performed wonders in the sandy soils of western province. My country Zambia is one of the developing countries in the world and it is badly characterized by high levels of unemployment and poverty. By buying a Japanese used car, I have positively contributed to reduction in unemployment and poverty levels because I employed a driver who is now earning a living and supporting his family through the monthly wages I pay him. Furthermore, the rural people in my area called Kalabo district of the western province of Zambia used to walk a long distance of about 85 kilometres from the iinternationalbboundarywith our neighbouring country called Angola on ffootfor them to reach the nnearest township called KKalabowhere they oobtain important services such as health, higher education, veterinary and big shops to mention but a few. I therefore thought it wise to put my Japanese used car in the transport business inorder to help the disadvantaged rural communities. Despite the fact that the road to the international boundary with Angola is is currently characterized by deep sand soils, my 4WD Japanese used car floats on the sand soils like a ship in an ocean. The major challenge I face at the moment is where to buy servicing spare parts locally. At the moment I need to replace the airflow sensor, centre drive shaft, CV joints and submissive fuel pump which are so difficulty and expensive to access in Zambia, especially bearing in mind that Zambia is a landlocked country. Despite some of the above mentioned hardships, my Japanese used car has performed great wonders of the world which other cars could not do. As if that is not enough, I’m currently undergoing a five year degree programme in veterinary medicine at the highest learning instution of Zambia, the University of Zambia, Great East Road Campus located in the capital city called Lusaka. This university requires a lot of money in terms of tuition and other fees. The point to note is that Iam on self-sponsorship, therefore, my Japanese used car makes it possible to some funds which I use to pay for my school fees and support my family at home. Imagine that Iam currently in my fifth year at the university and will be completing my study programme next year in August. How I wish the Japanese used car company could extend it’s remarkable services by sponsoring me so that I do my masters degree programme in Japan so that I can earn more money and continue buying more Japanese used cars. By so doing I will further help the government of the repubkic of Zambia in reducing the high poverty and unemployment levels because more and more drivers will be employed. Not only do I use my Japanese used car to transport people but I also use it to distribute veterinary drugs to small scale farmers living along the international boundary with Angola as part of my fundraising venture for school fees. When the car is off business duties, my wife and children enjoy using it on family affairs. Because of this ownership, my family and I are now considered part of the elite in society. Little did I know that the move I undertook of obtaining a loan from the Zambia national commercial to buy a Japanese used car would raise our status in society to such a highly recognizable level. Be that as it may, my Japanese used car plays an important role in advertizing the quality of cars from Japan because most of the Zambians in my area have come to believe that I really bought my Japanese used car from a highly reputable company which sells genuine and strong used cars. Furthermore, my wife and I have now learnt how to drive, the thing which we could not do in the past before we owned a car. Lastly but not the least I would like to extend my thankfullness to the government of the republic of Japan for it’s cordial relationship with the government of the republic of Zambia that has enabled and made it easy for the continuous trade between the two countries which has especially made the lives of many Zambians much easier. I therefore commend your good company for job well done and encourage you to continue exporting such stronger and reliable vehicles. I furthermore would like to request your good company to provide spare parts for the Japanese used exported to our country more especially the likes of the Suzuki Grand Escudo. This will enable our cars to be on the road for much longer period and in turn this will attract more clients to your company. Many many thanks to the exporters of Japanese used cars! Please continue with developmental attitude more especially to our poor developing countries like Zambia.

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