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simon mamhiyo from Zimbabwe message

simon mamhiyo from Zimbabwe message
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i should be the winner of this car because i have never owned a car before,this is my dream come true, its an opportunity that Car From Japan Co. Ltd , have created for people like us, As much as i have to earn it, i truly believe that there is a real chance that my life is going to be transformed,and also the lives of those around me, So i want to thank you Car From Japan Co. Ltd , For this once in a lifetime opportunity that you have given us,,This serves as a genuine reminder that you are very concerned about your customer’s welfare,Not only are you supporting us, but also you are encouraging we customers that you are the right company and right people to deal with when it comes to issues concerning cars,,You are building trust with us, by giving back to the people ,its going to raise the confidence of the people to buy from you..i think Car From Japan is is a reflection of a company that is full of integrity ,trust, honesty and honour,,,it means that we customers we can sit back and relax knowing that you will deliver..So thank You Car From Japan,, We believe and trust in you..God bless you

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