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SIMION NDEMO ONGIRI from Kenya message

SIMION NDEMO ONGIRI from Kenya message
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Hello People

Cars from JAPAN are the best. Kenya is the biggest importer of Japanese used cars in the horn of Africa and I hope a kenyan like me becomes the winner of the give away car and prize, comes from Kenya.

I visited Japan in 2013 and realized how humble and honest japanese are as a people. They have guiding core values in their work . one leading core value is honesty. This is why I believe in doing business with Japan in purchasing JAPANESE USED CARS.

They value quality and their vehilcles are as good as new when we use them here in Kenya.

They have efficient tracking system until the vehicle reaches the port of Mombasa and they keep on giving alerts on the whole process to alleviate any fear of their client.

Above all the prices are good and affordable to many people in Africa.
In kenya today , if you walk in many cities , you will find many motor Bazaars that are selling cars from Japan.

I want to be a winner of this Car so that I can promote the industry by sharing information widely in Africa and even the rest of the world that Japan is the leading Maanufacturer in the vehicle industry and that they are genuine and honesty partners when it comes to transglobal business.

I have had engagements with car dealers from Japan , like SBT and others . I have never regreted.

I will continue sharing this information on windows live, twitter, google plus, facebook and other social platforms so that I promote the interest of the country and the people I know.

Like I was lucky in September to Meet the mayor and Governor of NAHA city, and even the president of JICA,, I wish also to be the winner of the RAV 4 that i am seeing in this promotional picture.

You can google Simion Ndemo Ongiri in Okinawa.

Bravo! I am looking forward to be declared the winner of this marvellous performing and beautiful CAR FROM JAPAN.

I am happy to be associated with car business ventures from japan.

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