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Shupikile Mazyopa from Zambia message

Shupikile Mazyopa from Zambia message
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Dear Hana,

It is always nice to hear directly from you as it is such a busy business world with everyone having to achieve goal and /or Target.
I find that this is such an interesting competition where lucky one would win a car from Japan. Japanese used cars are widely used in Zambia by many who have come to appreciate the various services provided as well as the logistic involved when importing a car from Japan.
It is a highly competitive business environment and i well understand that such competitions just do not come out as a direct give away, so much resources are need for this to be successful, which en tells that you also
have the right partners/stakeholders. The customers are the most important stakeholder and these should be very well appreciated. this you are showing through creating such competitions that will entice most to participate and try out there luck.
Nowadays, a car is no longer a luxury but a need as it will assist us to get from one place to the other and i feel that the Japanese used car, which are usually in the best conditions could greatly help.
With my honest contribution, i thus feel i should be picked as one of the winners for this competition as many will realise and believe, through me, that this competition is as real as it is. The internet has lots of bogus competition and many Zambians tend to not show much interest.If also one winner is coming from Zambia, you are bound to have many more would be customers that will eventually purchase a car from japan or a japanese use car (second hand vehicle)
So wish me luck and lets see how real this competition is.”
Keep informing me on my progress thus far as I am so very interested in seeing what this competition results in.

Kind Regards,
Shupikile Mazyopa.

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