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Car from Japan
Customers do not have to doubt the qualities like genuiness, durability, prestige and comfort of the cars from Japan. Japan ranks highest in Malawi when it comes to importation and usage of cars. Source car from Japan and be considered a car expert in Malawi and the opposite is true when sourced from other countries where spare parts are considered scarce and the make of the cars do not match with the road conditions of Malawi. The Vitz for instance is one of the frequently used car that matches the roads of Malawi. “If you are in Malawi teh buy Japan cars and you will never regret your choice”-Shepherd Mindress, Malawi

Japanese Used Car

I have never heard any Malawian complain about Japanese Used Car as even a high mileage vehicle is still fit for purpose in Malawi that Minibus can still be bought with 187 000 KM for example. Japan is associated with Kaizen (Continuous improvement technique) where even used vehicles from Japan will still be considered to have been left by the original user in a better condition than by those originally used by others in different countries despite mileage, make and other factors being equal. Janese cars are in Malawi to stay as there are no news or media reports against their presence in the country and there is no better means to prove the quality of Japanese used cars than no negative media report as is the case in Malawi. “Japanese used cars are regarded as close to brand new in Malawi that prestige, respect and honour are still the attributes given to whosoever sources a used car from Japanese”-Shepherd Mindress-Malawi

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