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Sheku Kemoh Mansaray from Sierra Leone message

Sheku Kemoh Mansaray from Sierra Leone message
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Your company should pick me as the winner based on the following reasons.

I believe that one has to earn anything you have and corruption is out of the way.. In this respect I have applied as much effort I could to increase my chances by even calling friends to tell them about CarfromJapan. I have as well used social medium am signed up with. In effect, I have applied that effort to convince myself that if I win it I do deserve it. I say if because I do not know certainly how others are faring with their points but I am confident I am putting in the right effort.
Secondly, I am a 39 years old man, have a Bachelor degree in political science, a Masters degree in economics and a management and a final year Ph.D candidate in microfinance. I am from Sierra Leone, amongst the poorest in Africa and am living and studying in the Czech Reoublic. I have never owned a car in my entire life. This is not because i do not want it, but it is simply because I could not afford it. Infact I can drive, thanks to distant relative of mine who was in Government service some time ago. This is a huge opportunity for me to get a car and I hope you will be convinced enough, if not for anything but for the necessity and desire to have one.
Thirdly,I am consciously aware that winning this car means a number of services to your company. I fully agree to those terms as a sort of confirmation of my desire to work with you.
Fourthly, for commercial reasons, my background from the African continent will also imply access to an entire continent with an estimated billion population. That is a huge market you can penetrate and have the advantage over your competitors, who might otherwise not having an African face representing their brands. This is huge advantage as people see businesses as one of theirs if they feel represented too.
The last reason is that I have not been that lucky guy in such competitions, and I can assure you I have participated in loads of them. The thing is I do believe that I have lost over the years to better competitors but equally too I know there is always a first time, a start and that this start is this one. I remain to be positive and I have the feeling I have just earned a car from CarfromJapan!
The above reasons, I hope will genuinely convince you to make me a winner of this competition. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and I hope my contact with you will grow from strength to strength.Bye bye and have a blessed year.

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