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Semisi Taufa from Tonga message

Semisi Taufa from Tonga message
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Car From Japan has given me the opportunity to win one of my dream cars. Thank you Car From Japan for this great opportunity and I am looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

Growing up here in Tonga was very difficult. I had to catch the bus every morning and evening to and from school. I even had a bicycle to run around in our village to visit my friends. I am too old for that now, I need my very own car (big boys toys). I remember our first family car in 1993, we had a toyota car (I forgot the model). My dad use to take good care of it and it lasted for more than 10 years, we also had a Mazda Bongo I don’t know if they still produce that now but it fit all my family in it (my parents, two brothers and one sister). We had it since 2001 and it has stopped running for nearly a year now. We are currently using an old Mitsubishi Expo LRV which is starting to wear out and we spend a lot of money trying to fix it from time to time. These are the difficulties we are facing at the moment and the reason why I should be one of the winners.

I wish I had either a Mazda Atenza, BMW 3 or a Nissan Skyline vehicle for my transportation here in the Kingdom of Tonga. Even if its a Japanese used car I am still happy to have one, as long as it is running. I like luxury cars so I can rock up to work in style. Hopefully have nice rims, and sound system too.

I love cars and Car From Japan should pick me not only because of my difficulties in transportation but also would love to tie a good relationship with this company for future businesses. I have heard Car From Japan export quality cars in a fast, accurate and efficient manner. I have been to your stock lists and it amazes me how Car From Japan have very cheap cars compared to vehicles that are sold here in Tonga. They are one of the best exporters of Japanese used car from my point of view. Keep up the good work.

You should also pick me as winner because I have put forward a massive effort in sharing your link to all websites that I am connected to and letting everyone know about this great offer. I have also invited my friends here in Tonga to participate and to spread the word. I will continue to tell everyone about this company and I am hoping Car From Japan would pick me (fingers crossed). Thank you so much Car From Japan once again, I hope you all have a good day.

Kind Regards
Semisi Taufa

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