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Sangwani Khosa from Malawi message

Sangwani Khosa from Malawi message
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I will be the ambassador of Car From Japan Company Limited. I will link individuals and organisations planning to purchase Japanese used cars in Malawi to your organisation. I will campaign about your company and emphasize on your values. The quality of the cars you are selling will be show cased to all Malawians. I will link you to all the advertising firms in Malawi so that the name of your company becomes a household name. I will also provide tips on the marketing strategy of the Japanese used cars in Malawi.

Car From Japan is a platform to trade Japanese used cars. I know your company is reputable for honest secured transaction and has no hidden cost unlike the other companies. I am also aware that you have listed more than 13,000 fleet of vehicles. Looking at the robustness of your website, I have no doubt that you will excel in the marketing of the vehicles.

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