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sanaullah ishaque from Pakistan message

sanaullah ishaque from Pakistan message
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Dear Ms. Hana Yrimoto,
Chief Marketing Officer,
Car From Japan Co,. Ltd Japan.

Dear Mam,

My name is sanaullah Ishaque and i am from Islamabad, Pakistan.
I heard about your website and your competition on the internet. I am really excited to participate in it.
I am a young man of 36 years of age with cute little daughter of 3 years old, i am doing job here in Islamabad and my salary is not much its just to fulfill the need of my family, you can say i don’t have any financial background.
But i love cars my favorite make is Audi, Ford Mustang, GTR, Cadillac and Mazda. But i love if you gift or grant me any car.
I would be really thankful to you for your kind support and help.

I am really looking forward for the draw result in the end of June, 2015.
And i hope that you remember me.
Stay Blessed and Be Happy All the time.

yours Truly

Sanaullah Ishaque

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