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Samuel Malamulo from Malawi message

Samuel Malamulo from Malawi message
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Dear Hana Yurimoto,
I am very happy to join this competition. I will be more than grateful if I am picked as a winner. I win a car it will help me to do my work as a catholic church priest in my projects of helping under-privileged people: orphans, women, youth and communities without water and clean water.
Car from Japan initiative is the best thing for Malawi, my country because if many people have a car, it is from Japan or through Japan. With this initiative many people in Malawi are able to drive, to travel easily and comfortably and do business and earn a living and help others. Keep it up. We love cars from Japan because they are ideal for our country and its conditions. Please, please, don’t leave me out when picking a winner because when you pick me you have picked a thousand under-privileged people.
Best Regards,
Samuel Malamulo

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