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Sami from Kenya message

Sami from Kenya message
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My name is Samuel Nyabwari,from Nairobi,Kenya a big fan of Car From Japan.Let me first and foremost take a few seconds to congratulate you guys;Car From Japan,for running this one of a kind worthy promotion.This was a superb way of marketing the company and the cars more notably through the social media considering the fact that,in the recent times the biggest market out there is through social media which targets all age groups,both the young and the young at heart.
The reason why you should pick me as one of the winners can be summarized as follows :

Am a lover of cars,like many other people out there.However,my love can be described as excessively different from others in the sense that i spend most of the time in the internet searching for different companies that sell different cars and at what price range.Our local daily newspaper,THE DAILY NATION,runs a ‘Motor Column’ every Wednesday focusing on cars and mechanical diagnosis which i never miss to read.
I happen to know about your main competitors in the Kenyan market ,e.g SbtJapan,Beforward(who awarded people with 25 cars in their promotion including one Kenyan),Cheki(local dealers who import on behalf) etc.which puts me in the advantage position to outsmart the competition as Car from japan representative.
Kenyans are a people who love used cars from Japan,because of their quality and maintenance and pricing.Infact statistics indicate that Kenyans are importing more and more cars than any other country in the region.People’s per capital has gone up meaning more money which means to either buy more cars or upgrade to a bigger and better car.Actually even our geographic position puts us to advantage,meaning that more cars can be shipped to Uganda,Rwanda,Burundi south Sudan etc.There is a potentially huge market out here and it needs a representative with a sharp business acumen,timing and strategy like myself to help Car From japan sell as many units as possible.
One last thing is for the company to have incentives for their customers,for example,having a garage /vehicle diagnostics center run by professionals where a client will take his/her car after purchase and have it serviced at a subsidized rate.And also to introduce a smart card system whereby a customer accumulates points by referring friends or people to Car From Japan or to your partner Kenya Car Bazaar.Com, servicing their cars regularly in the Diagnostics center and win lets say free car service,airtime,free fuel.etc.

The above summarizes why i would LOOvE to be one of the winners.

Thank you.

Best regards,

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