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Sadock Kapesa from Malawi message

Sadock Kapesa from Malawi message
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Well you should pick me as a winner because I have the ability to work with you and support you all the way in your campaign to sell you company to the world.

I should thank you for letting me know about your company. I came to know you through the message that you sent me via my e-mail address. Congratulations because we have started counting on you to bring stiff competition to the already existing Japanese used car market. We expect to see good customer service and better communication in order to enhance your business.

Just to give you a hint on Malawian market, the government has put in place regulations that promote determination of people’s choices. Some of the regulations are as follows:

  1. Year of make (Model) – The older the vehicle the higher the taxes. According to the government, the latest models range from one year to eight years.
  2. Engine Capacity; = The higher the engine capacity the higher the taxes.

For the Malawian market, kindly consider us in those areas. We wish you all the best success in your campaign.We are with you all the way as you bring the difference to the market.

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