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Rumbidzai Hondoma from Zimbabwe message

Rumbidzai Hondoma from Zimbabwe message
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thank you for this opportunity which you have awarded us, we appreciate it very much. i do not know why you should pick me as a winner but want i know is that i NEED a car, not just want it but need it. I stay in falls we some people own their own cars and i don’t, not because i do not want it but because i can not afford to buy one. What makes me need a car is because this place is infested with animals however making it hard to move around which i have to because of my commitments with the church. i also have to walk long distances, i walk to work, i walk to town and i sometimes walk to church if no one has offered me a lift, this is my i need it, but most importantly, i need it for my mother. She has raised me up as a single mother, my dad passed away when i was a little child. My mum still works though, but has to work longer distances than i as their work bus is always broken down. She works as a general hand. This is why i would love to win, it would bring a lot of change in my family and i would love to put a smile on my mothers’s face. Please choose me.

Car from Japan is a great company and could change our country, the cars are affordable making it stand a better chance as compared to the other companies that have penetrated the market here in Zimbabwe and have this competition will arise awareness about it here in Zimbabwe.

Thank you once again for the opportunity you have given us and am glad i can stand a chance to better my mother’s life 🙂

Kind regards

Rumbidzai (Praise) Hondoma

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