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Robert Harawa from Malawi message

Robert Harawa from Malawi message
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Am glad to let you know that am very much happy for the completion which you have come up with,this is something which has never happened before from any of the companies which are selling the cars to Malawi here and to world as the whole, this has given me and lets of the customers another food for thought. This competition is giving us a picture that you value us your customers more and we have got a very high expectation that if we can start buying from you there much more which will benefit than buying from somewhere else and am also glad to know about your company. Here in Malawi most people are not yet familiar with your company and most of the customers are buying from your competitors but I hope I can help you sale your company here in Malawi, and through this act helping you I hope I stand a better chance of being picked as a winner in the completion.

As I have already said am glad to know about your company but since here we already have companies which most of we Malawians are buying from like ABT and GO FORWARD I need to know more about you and the services which you can offer to us that is what difference are you going to bring to us from the services which we are already getting from your competition. If you may really need my help please let me know more about your company and apart from car is there anything which you do,
But am really very much interested working for you here

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