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Robert Dagala from Uganda message


Car from Japan are good to ride here in our country and when they have any mechanical problem ,they are easier to mantain and their spare parts are easier to get than that of other car from different places. They consume little than that of other cars not from they are pocket affordable what i mean that even if you earn little salary you can ride becuase there consuption is not so burden.They are confortable regardless how your size is.Always on time because they can run at hugh speed which enables you to rich on time.They cannot be easily counterfeited interms of spare parts, you can get the original spare parts not like other made from other countries.I love them because here regardless of the weather you can ride whether it is rainy and the roads are slippery you can go where you want to go,whether it is dusty you just close your windows and you ride to anywhere you want to go.Cars fom Japan are stronger to carry whatever lugagges you may have without shocks being squeezed like other cars do, what i mean is that they have strong shocks to carry any load you may have.When riding at night you can see clearerly because their lights are bright good enough to see where you are going.That is why for me i love cars from Japan.
First of all I would like to say that I like cars definitely from Japan because they are gorgeous looking cars and i know that some cars look good too but they are aggressive looking and shout about the power beneath the hood whereas Japanese cars are not as aggressive and they are nice looking cars but without the aggression screaming about the power that is beneath the hood.
Japanese cars are also better because they can take corners properly where as other cars are good in a straight line but try to take a corner in one and your are dead !!
Also japanese cars are a lot more easily tuned and they look awesome when they are fully kitted out with a drift body kit and around.
Actualy the Japanese cars would be a better choice these day because of the miles per gallon ratio. I gota admit they know what they are doing. But the other cars just feel so… It’s a hard choice. But have to make the more logical choice and go with the Japanese cars.
I prefer japanese cars. they are economically as well as functioningly good. than other cars are so huge and junky.
I love Japanese cars!!! i think there better because they handle better, more affortable yet still fast! cars that you can customize to make it even cooler!.
There is, of course, one exception to all of this. Mazda is poised, as I write, to unveil its new and much-hyped MX-5. The only true sports car made today. On its shoulders rests not just the future of the company, but the country that spawned it as an automotive giant.

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