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Rick Jamu from Zimbabwe message

Rick Jamu from Zimbabwe message
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Car from JAPAN. I will be really grateful if I won free Japanese used car because I currently drive a very old ’97 model which is long overdue for replacement. But our current economic situation has hindered this especially with my son in college and preparing for varsity. We don’t get grants in this part of the world and i am 54 years retrenched 7 years ago with a closed business venture. I currently do voluntary christian service for a catholic family ministry called Couples for Christ where I am their Head of the family ministry pillar. This work involves visiting various parishes and families in order to pastor them. I am a lay person that believes in evangelizing others for the greater Glory of God. So that would really help me in my service and also testifying how your organization is giving back to society as your corporate responsibility. Cars from Japan though, reconditioned are as good as new. Thank you.

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