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Richard Mutune Mbuvi from Kenya message

Richard Mutune Mbuvi from Kenya message
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Say something nice!Dear Hana,C.M.Officer,the entire staff,Car from japan co.,ltd,its wish you are okey and the same applies to me.Im a car lover since my childhood and especialy cars from japan which since i was born i found them found them in my locality.Unfortunately i was seeing cars from japan from strangers because my parents passed away in 1985 and they were very poor before.I really admire used cars from japan which are plenty in Kenya.Car from japan and especialy Toyota models are ever pronounced in wish to own one in my life.I believe through God,that ones wish to get luck expires after death.Used cars from japan are the talk of my country,Kenya.Cars from japan get access to spareparts which are pocket friendly in my country.Used cars from japan get fuel easily from petroleum campanies eg Total which in Kenya.If luck from Car from japan could find its way and befall me could see my life and my family change!,though im doomed whether i will or not win but im determined and relentless up to the end of this competion known as car from japan/used japanese car2015.Im a motor vehycle mechanic and a goverment security officer of the lowest rank,and a father of three.Im married.My wife is jobless though she has deploma in personel management.I promise to stand as car from japan and sponsers as a representative and ambassader in my country regardless of whether i win or not.Thanks car from japan for this competition as it has highlighted many people globaly on how to import used japanese cars through internet.More so payment is secure!.I wish to become a car from japan,use japanese cars importer in future if one day my life would change financialy.Yours,Richard Mutune Mbuvi.

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