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Richard John Kunsinda from Tanzania message

Richard John Kunsinda from Tanzania message
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Car from Japan for centuries now, have been the best in terms of affordability to its customers as even people who have a moderate income can afford to have one. However, due to the growing demand of quality cars that has witnessed a stiff competition from other countries producing a variety of cars namely America, China, German, England and Italy to name few, still Japanese car especially Japanese used cars have been the first choice to a large number of its customers. In connection to that, cars from Japan are cheaper in terms of their maintenance and service as the spare parts are easily available and cheap ones in comparison from other varieties of cars such as Mercedes Benz, ford, discovery, porch to mention a few. Due to the fact that Japanese used cars are the best choice, different companies have been established to easier the transportation of cars from Japan to Africa, and other Asian countries. A typical example is the Be Forward Japan company in Tanzania that transports Japanese used cars for Tanzania. If i become the winner and become a representative i will make sure that the markets for cars from Japan have been expanded in Tanzania and the lest of Africa.

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