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Rhoda Chinsakaso from Malawi message

Rhoda Chinsakaso from Malawi message
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Why should be picked as a winner

I’m doing a persuasive text because my mother told me to practice for the dreaded. All my life I have worked hard and strive to be the best and the winner. This is why when I saw the competition on Japanese used car I entered immediately. I have a dream and realize that the dream can only come true if I win this competition. I live in Southern Africa in a country called Malawi. Malawi is a poverty stricken country with 52% of the population being women.

Most of the women are illiterate and they depend on farming. Women make a small percentage of those running successful businesses. Most businesses are run by men. I dream of rising above this notion to become a successful business lady. I currently run a small business that deals with selling of farm produce to small scale farmers at a reasonable price and requires a lot of travel to meet my clients. If I win this car I will be able to reach out my clients on time and it will take me to places and therefore extend my coverage and reach. This will result in more income that will enable me support my children who are still at high school. This will enable me to woo more women venture into business so that they become economically empowered.

I have good interpersonal and negotiation skills that once I win the car, I will be able to woo more customers in Malawi to purchase Japanese used cars. I shall share with those interested the benefits of buying from Car from Japan some of which are appreciating the views of the sponsors, participating in competitions etc. As for me I have learned quite a lot throughout this competition. One thing which I have learnt is in life if you want to achieve something, you really need to work hard and fight for it. I entered into the same competition in December, 2014 unfortunately I didn’t do well but I haven’t given up, I am still fighting to get what I want despite that a lot of countries have entered into the same competition and this shouldn’t let me down.

What I think about Car From Japan

I am impressed with Car from Japan since the cars that are sold are like a good friend. They are a good pick up, durable, of high quality cars at affordable prices. What strikes me is the design of the web page which is user friendly and easy to navigate and offers a variety of cars that one would not hesitate to buy. Japanese used vehicles are on high demand in Malawi as they suit the terrain.

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