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Rewel Mumbo Adedi from Kenya message

Rewel Mumbo Adedi from Kenya message
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First of all, I would like to take this auspicious opportunity to thank the marketing department for this company for coming up with such a unique campaign. Secondly, I thank the Chief Marketing Officer, Miss Hana Yurimoto for the exceptional marketing qualities exhibited. It is vital to note that this is an idea that will change the entire marketing style of the company for the better. Significantly, through such a scheme, millions of people will be reached, hence, the company will have a better competitive power in the market. It becomes easier to convert the likes and tweets found on the various social media into potential customers. Moreover, some of the participants will be future customers since they will have build trust in the company. Thus, taking note of the stiff competition by the varied companies, this campaign is one of the best tools to remain relevant in the market. On the same note, I would like to appreciate the company for giving me this chance to not only participate in the campaign but also show my online marketing skills. Therefore, this is an opportunity that will let me reach thousands of friends around the globe, convincing them to participate in the campaign. As such, the various people I will bring on board will bring others making the campaign viral. In this consideration, I request the company to credit my candidature as important for making this campaign a success. For the years I have dealt with marketing, I have got positive remarks from friends and customers praising Car From Japan as the best dealer. As a matter of fact, I am writing to give my heartfelt congratulations to this company for the efforts made over the years. Car From Japan is an exceptional service provider and a big player in the market. I must remark that this company has brought change in terms of quality service provision. It is reliable and up to date with marketing skills. For customers in need of cars, Car From Japan is the place to get. On an individual level, when selected as a winner I will ensure that millions of people get the best marketing message about services offered by the company. Further, I will give my advice to the company in terms of marketing strategies to be employed to ensure increased sales are recorded. I will appreciate very much if given a chance as your winner.

Best Regards

Rewel Mumbo Adedi

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