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Ramon Rodolfo Insaurralde Laneri from Paraguay message

Ramon Rodolfo Insaurralde Laneri from Paraguay message
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Hello CarFromJapan!

First, i’m from paraguay i never have a car in my life i need one becouse i have to go everyday 20 km to reach the university. Today i took 2 buses to get there and the time is always important. If you pick me as a winner i will tell everybody about I know people who buy their cars here and don’t know nothing about get cars directly from japan.

If i win i will have the oportunity to let the brand know here in paraguay becouse here there is a lot of people who want to buy a car and pick the best option,and it would be nice if they know how easy is to get cars with

I will be thankfull for all my life if i have this opportunity, thank you carfromjapan for this amazing promo, everybody in the world should know this.. you are amazing.. i will tell all my friends and unknow people about this promo.

And to finish i hope you came here in paraguay and open an office and be near to the people, you will crash the market becouse will choose you first if they know hoy easy and convenient is to get a car from you.

Thanks again carfromjapan.


Your number one fan!

Ramon Insaurralde

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