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philipo amos from Tanzania message

philipo amos from Tanzania message
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I real appreciate Car from Japan company for coming up with this competition idea. It helps some people like us who are in need owning car and yet can not afford the cost and everything.I always have a positive thinking about Japanese products!!! They are amazing.
The distance between school and home is far, and working 5 days can be exhausting. By the time I get home. I hope that,I failed to fulfill my desire of owns a car due to the lack of money to buy car.
As I try my level best to announce your company and activities to my friends through story, phone, as well as social media ,now you are known in many corners though other people don’t like support me thinking that I cannot win.I plan to work with you in your company after this competition.
Car from Japan is a right company to buy any car, they are honest and efficient, I will always encourage people to buy cars from this great company. But I don’t give up, still believe that I am going to do best by winning this competition,to announce you effectively,may GOD bless me!AMEN!
Car from Japan has best cars in the world comparing with other cars companies in the world.For instance car from Japan is durable ,quality and quantity at any purposes that is why in my country Tanzania Cars from Japan are most loved and used in almost through out the country. Also after winning this car wherever I will be I will be convincing my fellow Tanzanian to buy the Car From Japan for their own uses ,official uses,and whatever.
Japanese used car is not tired comparing with our roads,here in Tanzania as well as our environment,will be suitable for your uses,that is why I encourage you all to use Car From Japan ,the used one cause Japanese used car is easy to drive and it has already tested and used for some distance ,so it is cheap to buy and simple to determine the difference with other cars company.
So try car from Japan and you will realize and appreciate the real quality of Japanese used car. It was normally used to hear that somebody has won a competition through different tournament but I do hope now through Japanese used car from Car From Japan it is my chance to win and own a real car from Japanese used car.
Car From Japan are mostly loved all over the World due to its durability,its shape,the way it is appearing and also the way it moves.It is comfortable during operating it ,as the way you look inside you will see all the modern music system in it,like Cd,radio,and so on.
We must all know that Car From Japan is a platform to trade Japanese used cars. Customers from all over the world can find and buy Japanese used cars, machinery & parts and any other spare parts,tools like spanners and tyre.
The company provide the shipment details in around 10 days from the money receipt confirmation. They need this time because they need to reserve a place for your car on a ship to your port.
Then they send you the original BL by post (DHL/FedEx/ etc.) soon after the shipment leaves Japan.
Car From Japan are entrusted by hundreds of major Japanese used car exporters across Japan with an unmatched portfolio of cars at bargain prices. They are taking take care of all the paperwork for you,and make sure that your payment is safe, and you are getting what you pay for, in perfect conditions.
High Quality ! Low Price !! Quick Supply !!! Japanese used cars office is in CHIBA. There is a gathering place for many automotive market information. If you found the perfect vehicle from their list,please contact the company. Even if you can not find the car you want from their current stock list, they will search the vehicle you want from car dealers and auction sites in Japan. Please feel free to contact the company. They must reply to you as soon as possible through +260-973907612 because their motto is “SHARING IS CARING”.
As I walk around almost in my country Tanzania many cars are from Japan,such cars are Fuso,Toyota of different kind,Suzuki,Nissan and so on.
Importing Car From Japan to you is an easy process if the importer follows all the specified rules and regulations. The importer need to be present in the customs clearance of any car. In order to make sure that the car imported in the country’s safety standards and requirements, inspection is done on the car.
Car From Japan company build all left hand drive and right hand drive,automatic and manual,small car and transit goods like Fuso and others.So you as a customer you are allowed to choose any car or vehicle you need.
Cars from Japan are of good quality and strong, that is why over 90% of people in my country drive Japanese cars, they are adaptive to our environment in terms of our road networks and over the years they have proven to many of our citizens. For me earning Japanese car, will forever be a dream come true.Yes it might be me!
However, based on my work and the above statements am 100% confident that I deserve a Japanese car for my purpose in life of serving other people of my nature to be happy and realize their dreams.Japanese cars are long lasting and also their spare parts are locally found.
Japanese car is cheap that makes more people afford to buy.And also their services are very cheap that makes different individuals to go for Japanese vehicles. I believe 85% of transportation here are from Japan for they are affordable and always in good condition and meet the people satisfactory.
Car From Japan bring the campaign to enrich lives,connecting people into equal life standard of using cars!

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