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Philip Ndekei from Kenya message

Philip Ndekei from Kenya message
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I am honored to be participating in this giveaway. I have always wanted to own a car but guess i haven’t been lucky yet. It is so thoughtful of you to consider guys like me and coming up with this wonderful concept.

I believe you should pick me as a winner firstly, owing to the fact that ever since I knew about this promotion, I have always visited this site to increase my chances. i have shared widely on my social pages especially Twitter an Google+ where i have a number of followers.

This not only increases my chances but also creates awareness and social marketing thus driving traffic to your site. 🙂

I think that these should make me the winner of this awesome giveaway.

I have to admit that I love your car selection. Clean well maintained and the best creme of cars. As it would be with others, give away cars would be dejected and “bad cars’ that are given as giveaways yet in the real sense they are being disposed.

This is awesome of you!

Hoping for the best!

Thank you.

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