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Peggy Cervantes from U.S.A message

Peggy Cervantes from U.S.A message
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Dearest Hana!

I was so excited to hear about Car From Japan’s competition. At this time I happen to need a car very desperately.
Back in 1994 I was pregnant with my second child and had been driving around in an American made car that just happened to be the biggest lemon! It kept dying out on me at red lights during the winter with my 4 year old daughter in the back seat.
Anyway, my husband surprised me that same year with my dream car – a brand new Toyota CamryXL!! Georgous!
I was so happy I cried! Because I knew I had the most dependable car ever! I knew my children and I would be very safe out on the road.
In 2001 I bought a brand new Toyota Celica & I was in heaven! Everywhere I went people would comment on how excellent a car it was. I was very proud to own this car as well as the Camry. Not to mention the customer service at the dealership was always impeccable as well.
Now that I am older and divorced, my kids are now grown up and have moved away. I want to visit them but I still want to know I will be safe in a reliable car such as the Toyota. My trips would be between 200 & 500 miles one-way.
The car I have now (2001 Pontiac) has been broke down now for a year and it has been very hard as you can imagine. Not being able to drive to see my kids for birthdays, graduations and holidays has put big strain on us all & will only get worse.
Toyotas are definitely my car of choice. They are so reliable, safe and very stylish! I cannot imagine driving anything else!
From the bottom of my heart I thank you for having these Japanese used cars available to us here in America and for this great competition! Even if I don’t win, my sincerest Congratulations to the very lucky winner!
Peggy Cervantes

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