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Paul Richard Mathaga. from Kenya message

Paul Richard Mathaga. from Kenya message
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Japanese used cars have greately and significantly attributed to Economic Growth in my country Kenya.
To mention the kind of impact is that it has made the transport sector one of the major drive towards making the agricultural sector become a hub of food security in and about our boarders.
Before the shipments of the Japanese used cars started the growth rate of Rural to urban migration rate was extremely high with many young people coming to the capital to look for employment and with a GDP OF BELOW 70 THE CITY’S RATE OF CRIME ESCALATED TO A MAJOR CONCERN.
The used cars which are affordable and economical have created employment opportunities all over the country and the ex-checker for-sees a commendable decrees in poverty levels and accessibility to the social economic growth of some of the marginalized communities.
I might not be a winner just yet but know that the cars have had a major impact in peoples lives and most definitely i will save enough money to own a Japanese used car.

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