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Paul Hemingway from Tanzania message

Paul Hemingway from Tanzania message
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Cars from Japan are one of the best models that exist in the universe. With all enormous popularity of the Internet – buying cars online from Japan is still a challenge. Why? There are several reasons for it where trust, way of doing business in japan, language challenges and lack of a good advise are prevalent.
Trust – one of the largest issues that the customer has while buying a car that he didn’t see with his/her own eyes. This aspect could be farther divided into company trust -since all online car exporters from Japan require advance payment and confidence that the car described on the web-site is in the same condition as the site says.
Regarding the due-diligence on company’s legitimacy – there are several ways how you can check. The easiest one – just pay attention to the company site and such facts as frequency of stock updates, professionalism and clearly defined procedure how to order your car and steps necessary (please check for the details How to order section at Japan Partner Inc.). Also a good check would be to see if the company owns the domain it sells the cars from and the site is not being hosted for free (you can tell it if there is abundance of advertising). There is nothing wrong with free hosting however if the company is serious about selling cars online in Japan they would definitely need 300-1000 MB of hosting space that is never given for free. There exist a lot of other manufacturers that claim that their cars are made in Japan yet in the real sense they are made in China or any other country. After thorough scrutiny of this website I can confidently recommend a friend to buy a car of his choice not any other place than here.

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