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Patrick Maulidi from Malawi message

Patrick Maulidi from Malawi message
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It will be an honor and a privilege for me if i will be selected to be a winner in this competition because I will be an ambassador in Malawi for your cars. As you might be aware, Malawi is a fast growing market for Japan cars and being a winner from Malawi, it will make a big news in the country and all the media outlets in the country will write about it. This will in turn make people aware of Car From Japan company and start buying cars from you.

As an ambassador, I will also make sure that I recommend all my friends, relatives and workmate to buy from Car From Japan whenever they want to buy a car.

I would also like to request your company to consider expanding your marketing strategies to Malawi because the market and demand is there. Malawian customers are afraid of importing cars because they are afraid of being defrauded. If I am to win a car from Car From Japan, the public image of your company will be transformed and people in Malawi would believe that you are a trustworthy supplier and customers will start buying from your company as they would be assured that their vehicle will be delivered.

I believe that my candidature and winning in this competition will add value to your company hence it will be ideal if I am to be picked amongst the winners.

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