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patrick karoki mwethera from Kenya message

patrick karoki mwethera from Kenya message
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First car from japan thank you so much for this lifetime opportunity and may God bless your hard work.
Since i was a small boy i’ve dreamt of owning a car Subaru up to this time as a man i still visit sites of Japanese used cars and it fills my heart with joy.I do not have a job that i can afford a car from japan but i pray when i wake,when i reach at my work place and when i sleep to one day own a subaru.All my friends including my wife,boss know am crazy about a subaru and that’s what i love checking most in the internet,and touching enough my 5 year old daughter when i take her to school in the morning and sees a nice car always tells me “Daddy we Will one day buy a car like that one subaru” Car from japan this will be my dream come true driving my family with a Japanese used car and most importantly small daughter to school who everyday prays for us to own one.May God continue using people like you of car from japan to bless people like me all over the world.
Hana Yurimoto God bless your company stuff and all those people who directly or indirectly involved in car from japan and japanese used car.
Thank you.
May the love our our God be with you always,

Warm Regards,
Patrick Karoki Mwethera

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