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patrick gitonga from Kenya message

patrick gitonga from Kenya message
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Reason why I should be selected during the competition
First and foremost, I would like to introduce my self as Patrick Gitonga from Kenya. I was born in the humble family of 3 brothers and 4 sisters in the coastal plain of Kenya. Right from my age of toddler I have been having a strong desire to drive a vehicle. When I talked this to my parent at the age of seven, they almost beat me to death since they hardly made the ends meet. Though however, I faced brutal fight from them, my ambition to drive a car did not fade in my mind. This caused me work very hard in the classroom since I had to make my dream valid through my effort. This triggered two consequences; one I managed to become the best pupil in the class and I managed trophies which motivated me to learn at the top gear..
Apparently, I had two goals that I was working hard to streamline, first my family was poor and I had to make sure that it live better life in future, secondly, I had to achieve my dream to drive a car. When I shared my mind with my classmates they highly shouldered my idea and looked me down upon, reason being that my family was poorest and talking of a car, from such family looked like a an invisible dream in a great den of nightmare. However, I knew the dream was valid and I aimed my focus to realizing the achievable goal, Which was facilitated by my teachers who made sure I was always at school despite the fact that my parents could not afford to pay full fees, that sent my brothers and sisters out of school a scenario that caused me to drop tears as the neighbors really ululated about that.
I carried my dream to high school where I met different classmates who respected me, but I guess is because of the performance and they did not know the history of my family background. I could share my dreams with them and they highly encouraged me to work hard, out of which I found the dream achievable and as a result it came closer day by day. Back in my mind I knew that, were it not for the effort of my village captain and my church, who cooperated in mobilization of the fees and the high school requirement, I could not be among the student in one of the re-known high school in the country. My teachers in high school noted my dream, though it seemed to divorce that of theirs, since they always encouraged the students to work hard to live a better live through a good job. To me that seemed useless because I told them that I was working hard to secure the future of my family who’s the economic position was in turmoil and get a car of my dream. For me I could not synchronize the synonimity between living a good life and securing family life and owning a car; a phenomenon which was described as philosophical by my teachers and peers. This made me to become the winner of the prize of the year award when I was in second year in high school when willing students were told to write a spoken word of 500 words describing a ‘ thing of dream’, a competition which was organized by the ‘students aid Kenya’ in the year 2006; for my case I discussed about my dream car, where I drew a pretty picture of a DAHISTU HIGET and I also drew my self on the a side of the car standing majestically holding the car key; what followed was a discussion of 500 words.
After my study at the high school, I managed to go to the campus where I choose to pursue Economic degree since I had learnt from the ancient economist, Adam Smith and Classical, that economic discipline was the study of the causes of poverty and the sources of wealth, a phenomenon which is highly held firmly by the economic experts to date. I asserted that, the opportunities were full in all discipline but at the same time, one could do without work and still become prosperous in the life: for what do you regard as prosperity or a successful position of a man. I claimed, that, the success measure is the level of the sophistication one derives from his or her endeavor, for what is the reason beside being an employee of a firm whose originator was a single seed of idea? I therefore undertook economic to become job creator to fulfill my dream of making the life of my family better through creation of job to all my brothers and sisters and at the same time to get a car of my choice.
At the university, I was introduced to use of computers to do research and assignment and therefore I got time to explore the internet consumers in the world. I was interested in cars models, and as I was doing that a mysterious site from Japan hit my page. I clicked and I found that there were millions cars which were advertised by the SBT Japan subject for the shipment in Kenya. I was very mesmerized since I realized that, cars in Japan were very cheap but unfortunately I could not manage 500$ the cost of the cheapest car I found in the site. To make matter worse, the amount of the clearance fee at the Kenyan port I realized was very high, which was inflated to 165% of the value of the imported car. In this lieu I assert that SBT is a genuine website, and I will campaign for its success with all my heart until am found viable to win in this competition.

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