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Patrick Baya from Kenya message


I would be happy to be picked as a winner. I have been wishing to own a car from japan, since cars from japan are durable, classic and of modern status. Having come from Kenya, a developing country, my daily income is very small to allow me buy a car. I would, with all my heart hope for this lonely chance of owning my own car, from my favorite manufacturers.God bless Japan.When i was a young man my late dad used to import cars from Japan, my uncle too loved to shop japanese cars. In short our family loves Japanese car, reason being, japan cars are durable, good, fashionable. I would wish to have as many cars from Japan. I try convince my friends, country men, my village neighbours to save little cash and buy japanese cars. I love japanese manufacturers, since they go for quality and of class. The history of Japanese cars is very interesting Toyota was really hitting its stride by the early 1990s, but one of their more interesting models never made it to these shores.

The Toyota Sera was fitted out with complex gullwing doors that featured a roll-down portion embedded in each sweeping curve of glass. With its concept car looks, the Toyota Sera found a small but loyal domestic market that bought up nearly 16,000 cars over a 5 year production run. (via Alt Tokyo) In an effort to jump-start a little creativity in its design department, Nissan brought out a number of odd yet practical vehicles in the late eighties and early nineties, one of which was the cute “Escargo” minivan.

Another was the Nissan Figaro, which displayed rounded, inverted bathtub “nifty-fifties” styling complemented by a pleasing palette of pastel paint jobs. Under the hood, a turbocharged engine gave the Figaro’s exhaust note an operatic timbre. (via Carfolio)
What’s Autozam, you ask? Well, take one part Mazda, mix with a hefty helping of Suzuki and shake vigourasily results is AutoZam AZ 1. The creativity, classy, durable metal they use, is all what i love with Japanese cars.This rakish two-seat coupe packed a lot into a little, including a peppy 657 cc turbocharged midship mounted engine. While the frog-like headlights are a turn-off, way cool gullwing doors are an unexpected surprise (and useful in tight parking situations). Likened by some to a “mini Testarossa”, the AZ1.The Eunos JC Cosmo when i saw it i was blown away by its beautiful, sweeping lines and obvious luxury touches. Eunos – Mazda’s domestic up-market brand – had a formidable Benz & Bimmer killer with the JC Cosmo yet didn’t throw down the gauntlet by directly competing with the German luxocars outside Japan.

Outstanding features of the JC Cosmo included a powerful 3-rotor Wankel engine and a GPS touch screen navigation system – in 1990! Exclusive and expensive, the meticulously crafted JC Cosmo was made in very small numbers from 1990 through 1996. In short JAPAN is JAPAN. Good cars, classic cars, Durable cars . In africa we all love japanese cars.

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