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patrick andayi from Kenya message


I think Japan is a leader in motor innovation and Auto cars. Used cars from Japan has been synonymous with comfort highest safety standardization and of reliability and availability of parts. Japanese cars are known all over the world as the best be it used of new and you there is isn’t a country I have visited and not seen a Japanese car. Personally since I’m familiar with the language and can speak and read it, it will be very easier for me to read the manual normally written in Japanese and understand the working and operation of a the car. Having been self talk Japanese language student and speaking fluent Japanese it will add value to my language skills by driving Japanese car.It will be a dream come true for someone like far away in Kenya to speak Japanese on my own and win a Japanese car.
I have always been fascinated by the Japanese cars and culture of hard work and I try to practice the same ethics here in KENYA. Japanese cars are made to details like and every step is art and are perfect and the prizes are very reasonable and pocket friendly for people of our country. Cars from Japan are in thing here in Kenya. Every graduate thinks of owning a model from Japan and the procedures of purchasing are simple through online. Most car dealers in Japan are so trustworthy and you don’t have to worry of loosing your money through fraud.

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