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Pamela Atieno from Kenya message

Pamela Atieno from Kenya message
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I have joined this competition late but I am very delighted to participate since I love cars from Japan. From my observation the cars from Japan are strong and have a wide variety to choose from, from cheap to expensive cars in various makes and colors. In my country majority of the cars that I see in the show rooms and on the roads are from Japan. People prefer cars from Japan because majority of the cares are affordable and they come in good condition most of the time. I believe you should pick me as a winner for this competition because 1. I am a woman who is working hard to improve her life and those of her children and extended family, and having a car is a big necessity in my life and in today’s world. My first car was Japanese used car. It was a Toyota E 100, white in color and it served me very well until I disposed it to a friend. The second car was a Toyota premio, silver in color and it served me well too. I liked the cars because they were very efficient for me, coasted very little to repair and when time came to sell them the value was reasonable. My current car is a Toyota Raum old model, low in fuel consumption but I cant use it for long distance like going to my village since the roads are really bad. I have really wanted to upgrade to a 4wd but I have not been able to afford. Furthermore my office is far and the road is bad so a 4WD would be very useful for my movements to the far office and other places. I still like Toyota cars, but I do like other models of cars like Mercedes, BMW, Range Rovers or Honda. I love the Toyota 4WDs like land Toyota land cruisers, Harrier etc. For this competition I have chosen a Prado land cruiser.

  1. I believe by driving a car from Japan , I will not only meet my needs for long distance travels, drives to the far office, but I will also be marketing the car and there will be more buyers buying from your company. I want to be an ambassador for your company, therefore sharing with my networks and relatives and friends, will for sure enhance your market and I believe some of them will buy as a result of the information from me. In Kenya, you have many competitors who sale cars from Japan, for that reason you need many campaigners for your company to sell cars in Nairobi and other urban areas. For this reason, I will be marketing for you when I drive a car from your company and promote your company to potential buyers.
  2. The fact that I have managed to get the number of participants I have got through my link within just one week of the competition means that I can get more when marketing for your company. I am coming in two weeks to the end of the competition and I have managed to get good points. If I had started early in March, no one would be ahead of me by now. I have enjoyed sharing about your company , people are asking me if it is rea and My answers is yes I have faith that it is real. This is because I have been receiving messages and updates from car from Japan, I have been planning to buy, each time I look at the cars and I look at my bank account and I dont see enough money to buy the car I want. I am upbeat that I will win this competition! I will keep sharing!! I have some saving and if I the value of the car is higher I will be able to top up and also meet my countries import requirements.

I believe I deserve to win this competition not only for self-reasons but to lift up the company names, and the names of the producers and the partners supporting this campaign as well .
I hope you will consider picking me. Thank you very much in advance.

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