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padita kara from Malawi message

padita kara from Malawi message
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Dear chief Marketing officer,car from japan co.Ltd,
Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in this competition. its my hope that this time i will have my dreams come true.
i cant imagine what i can do driving my own car it will indeed enrich my life, i have been hoping that one day i will have one. you should pick me as a winner because with that car i will be able to go to school after work even when is night .
when i win this car it will help me to visit places which i cannot manage using public transport, i will help my relatives when they need transport may be when they are sick, want to go to work, church and do other business
i promise to take good care of this car i will not miss use it.
am looking forward to it ,
we are proud with the services you provide to us especially here in Malawi. Many people have managed to have at-least car because they are cheap but nice .
am also looking forward that i will be one of the blessed to have my own car wow!!!!!
Cars from Japan
Japan cars are nice, durable and good.
you fill comfortable
its my wish to have my dream car from Japan.
i cant wait to have it , Good fuel consumption you feel like you are in heaven.
Japanese cars are answers to every individual, organization even Government. when we are talking of ambulances, van min buses small cars the the answer is Japanese cars.
Although these cars are used cars but they are in perfect condition, these people are friendly and they have car dears all over you don’t need to travel all the way to japan they bring your car to the nearest port . where else can one get a discount of up to 99 percent ? the answer is simple Japanese used cars . this is the same as giving this cars for free.
thanks in advance for making my dreams come true.
This promotion will attract more people over the world , there are people out there who don’t know about Japanese used car , it our duty to help you spread these message to all the people in my country through my social network even telling them as we chart . i am proud of you and the services you offered.
what can we do without cars from japan, mm-mm i think its not possible for a poor country like Malawi to have cars , only those people who are well to do can manage to do so. But know with the introduction of used cars from japan what else do we need , thank God for making away that atleat with the little we have we can manage to have a the end of this year traveling on public transport will be a thing of the past to me can you imagine that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what else can i say rather than thanking them and also encourage them to continue with the services offered am happy for you…
Waiting patiently to be announced the first winner of this competition.
your services has changed lives of many its my hope that youvwill continue proving this service. your such a darling!!! still waiting for my dream car

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