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Oscar Owen from Kenya message

Please pick me as a winner because i believe that cars from Japan are for winners. with a car from Japan i would be able to show the world that cars from Japan are for winners.
Cars from Japan are always the best, in fuel consumption, they are the best because they consume lesser fuel than others, with a car from Japan, you don’t have to spend a lot in buying fuel.
Another thing i like about Japanese used car is the way they are made strong enough to deal with our African roads. It’s like they were made specifically for African roads. Others cars always experience frequent breakdowns, but with a car from Japan you are sure of arriving safely are smartly. even motor mechanics misses people with Japanese car as they hardly experience unnecessary breakdowns.
Japanese used car are long lasting vehicles, you get old leaving them still strong enough to do more job till you wonder why don’t others make their machines as Japanese ones. My grandpa used to tell my dad that if he wants buy a car that wont stress him, he should think Japan. that is because Japanese car don’t get old as we do, they always stay strong.
The other most important thing about Japanese used car is that they are cheap to maintain, compared to others, cars from Japan are pocket friendly when it comes to servicing them. even their spare parts can be found anywhere in the world. unlike others where you have to order them from the country of origin or else the car will be grounded. but with Japanese used cars things are easier hence stress free. for sure cars from japan are the best that’s why for example in my country Kenya, for every ten vehicle in the road, nine are from, but when you go to the mechanical garage, for every ten vehicle there, only one is from japan, of-cause the rest are in the road still strong enough to do what the nine in the garage couldn’t do. that is enough reason to ask yourself, why go elsewhere yet cars from japan are the solution. With our African roads, Japan has a solution.
Last thing i like about Japanese used car is they are cheaper, that’s why the whole world prefer cars from japan.
i will be the happiest winner to have a Car from Japan

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