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omar al-adhami from Australia message

omar al-adhami from Australia message
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Hi Yurimoto,

I would like to participate in this competition and perhaps win my dream car. I am a long standing admirer of Japan and its nation. I am a strong supporter of Japanese goods and products. My cars has been always Japanese, and now me and my fiance have both Japanese cars. Apart from this, I am also a big fan of the famous Japanese author Go No Gai, been watching and following all his works of Super Robot Wars since I was a kid. I also enjoy collecting Japanese action figures, arts and architectural designs. I am planning to have my honey moon with my wife probably the end of this year in Japan. I also read a lot about Japanese culture and spirit. Being from a medical background, I am also fascinated with the people of Okinawa with their way of life, community, life style, eating habits, longevity and how it has been the world number one state with the number of most elderly people in the world. I also follow Japan history and admire Japanese soldiers spirti in combat and peace. Japan is something really big in my heart and soul, I hope now you understand my genuine worlds and love to Japan!

Thank you for letting me to be a part of your generous compitition

Have a wonderful day!


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