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OKAE EMMANUEL from Uganda message

OKAE EMMANUEL from Uganda message
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Good morning everyone, I really want to express my heartfelt happiness with Car From Japan, I thank every country,every nation and every individual upon showing your interest, courage and support towards the Car From Japan campaign run that begun a month back and will have its end soon in July when they shall announce the winners of this campaign, every country that participated I must thank you and I continue to say that let’s participate generously to make sure our nations be proud of us if we win such gifts. I want to take this great opportunity and chance to thank the organisers and management of this campaign, wherever you are or wherever they are I really congratulate you upon such campaigns that unites nations and the world at large because the contents of this campaigns are never discriminative and shows no sign of discrimination, because every individual in all nations across the world are entitled to participate by registering even there sea ports where these gifts can reach them if they win or if I win and this has truly increased my zeal to even participate more. Thanks to you all, I say all this for God and my Country Uganda and other nations not forgetting all of u who are participating in this campaign, please my advice is crown up your chances of winning by participating daily n get more points, for this points are never automatic that they give you freely, it is too competitive imagine over 11,000 people applying for this and running in this campaign worldwide, yield up your chances by participating daily. Cars from Japan is one of the greatest exporters of used cars world over,mostly to the countries that has desire for such cars for instance Uganda, Kenya,Tanzania, Zambia among other countries,I want to encourage everyone who has not yet joined this campaign to kindly join and the benefit awaits you at the end of July. The benefit of a free car is the one i have been waiting for all my life and how i pray everyday that car from Japan notices me in this participation and at the end crowned as the overall winner of this campaign, this is what i wish for day and night. make it your wish too in case i don’t go through always dream to be in my position……….. Winning is always everyone’s dream but it takes courage to be a winner, you should have courage in yourself that one day one time you will be what you never expected, imagine yourself in a posh car that you really dreamt of, a car worth $3000, how many people around you can purchase it, it will be of pleasure to you or me if i or you realizes that you are the winner of this campaign……Its everyday that i tell my friends and family members that at one time i will have what i never expected and indeed i will have what i never expected. I will be grateful for anyone who wishes what i wish to. It might be your chance to drive a brand new car or it might however even be my chance to drive the brand new car from Japan.

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