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Ochoo Angel from Uganda message

Ochoo Angel from Uganda message
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Dear Hana,
First i send you greetings from Uganda. Im Ochoo Angel from Uganda im so grateful to your initiative, i have always loved to drive a car of my own but never got the chance to do so. i strongly believe that i will win the race and bring the car from Japan to Uganda. Japan products are always of good quality that’s why when i saw the post i was overwhelmed to join the competition well aware that u enter the race to either win or lose. i’m actually proud of the sponsors of this brilliant Ideas coz not all can afford to own a car but by doing this they are giving people equal opportunity to be of some class. Cars have become a necessity in most cases not luxury any more, by so doing that they are meeting to the basic need of others and creating an enabling environment for many who cant afford to fit into the Q. thanks so much and wish you all the best. please keep me posted whether i win or not i will appreciate it so much. May the good lord Bless you all.

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