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obadiah kuria from Kenya message

obadiah kuria from Kenya message
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You should pick me as the winner because i love the cars from japan and i have been in this championship,not that am the only one who got into this but because i trust your judgement.I think the cars from Japan are the best Japan makes the best in fuel consumption,easily accessible parts and affordable spare parts.One thing about Japan cars,is that you cannot to ground your car because of spare parts,fuel prices and lack of spare parts.I have a friend who imported a car from Japan and he is always praising the car and the Japan people that the all works to import the car was above board.YES,the interior of Japan cars is wonderful,best finishes ,you make your cars will very good detail and you keep to it until the last small detail.Japan cars take care of all the people, disabled people,tall people, short people,aged people and yes the the babies( i particular love the details about baby on board,).The Japan cars have space to move around(is this why you have spacio?).Lets talk about the vans,I in particular have just two vans to talk about and the reason is that those are only vans i have been into, ALPHARD and NAOH. Naoh reminds of the BIBLICAL story of Naoh,how he put everything GOD to in the ARK. Should i say more about Naoh?ALPHARD,this is the van i love, space,speed (though am not a speed freek)and comfort.I had once borrowed ALPHARD from my my friend,i was going to visit my son in school and my talks endlessly about it. I LOVED THE COMFORT, the speed and very easy way to negotiate the corners,the fuel is that is was just smelling the fuel and not taking the fuel i maen just it was just breathing and not taking a gulp,i love ALPHARD and i case i win the championship ,kindly could i ask for a an ALPHARD?Am talking endlessly yes i have not said anything about Car From Japan.Car From Japan is a very good way of uplifting people from not having a car to having a car,for example, i love very much ALPHARD but am not able to buy it because i do not have the money,secondly,Car From Japan is a good way to let the world know what Japan has to offer the world as far as cars are concerned.Thank you for giving me this chance. HOPE I WIN.Japanese user cars,are best,when i look around in my country,all i see is the economy of Japan,and i know that robust economy is the best way to give out the best products,even if the cars are used cars cars ,you do not see many Japanese cars grounded,the parking are full with Japanese used cars,the roads are overflowing with Japanese used cars, recently our beloved President changed his ceremonial cat to Japanese car,it may be not used but it goes a long way to show how he trust Japan products. Infact his personal cars are all Japanese.When you see your people are all going the same way,its hard for you to take another way.The BEST of Japanese cars is that you cannot go looking for spare parts in three shops without getting what you are looking for.

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