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Nyasha Terence Mutemi from Zimbabwe message

Nyasha Terence Mutemi from Zimbabwe message
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If My Wish Came True: I would forever cherish the ride from Car From Japan.

Rarely do we get time to contemplate about the good things that have ever happened in life. As will unfold, I have had a eureka moment that has rekindled my days. The fact that Car From Japan has given me a chance to win a car of choice, has not only given me a smile, but the realisation that its not everyday we live and come across such chances. It’s said fortune knocks once on a man’s door and I have felt this is one such knock on the door in my life.

Among many great chances that could transform people’s lives, often times people look at lottery only , yet there are even great chances as this one. Because Car From Japan has offered me such a golden chance to win a Japan used car of choice, that would turn my dreams and visions into reality. This would go beyond to transform my life and those around me. William James once said, “To change one’s life-start immediately- do it flamboyantly- no exceptions (no excuses)” , these words magnify what is exactly doing, to transform the lives of many across the universe.

Car from Japan offers a peace of mind when thinking of buying and importing a Japanese used car. There is nothing that comes close to Chief among them:

  1. they offer a wide range of cars to suit anyone’s pocket, whether cheap, or the ultimate luxury vehicles, small but reliable engines or even the big and powerful engines, also not forgetting hybrids too-there is just everything to suit everyone’s flair.

  2. they have defied odds and de-mystified many myths regarding importing used Japanese cars, because of the great team which is supportive and the testimonials serve as sufficient proof about this.

  3. with the social networks(Facebook, Twitter, Google), Car From Japan constantly communicates with its fans and clients across the globe, something great about an old philosophy that ‘customer is king’. But it seems it has made a family with its clients and fans.

  4. they have a great promotion campaign which has given millions of people a chance to choose a car of their choice and drive it-that is just awesome.

  5. the website is exciting and great to navigate through.

  6. certainly they are the best and will continue to break new grounds globally!

If I Were To Win?
Wow, truly I cannot imagine the joy that would cloud me as long as I live, that would be life-transforming. This would certainly make life easy for my family. Being the omega in our family, there is so much that I owe to each and everyone in my family. One best way to return the favour would be to safely carry them in the Toyota Corolla. This is because safety must be a priority in transporting and no public transport can equally offer such a peace of mind during the day to day movements, or even the long journeys.

Knowing that members of my family are scattered all over this country and beyond the borders, this would mean a lot to have a car as a bridge to connect with members of the family.

Why the Toyota Corolla?
To begin, Toyota has been known for its reliability, agility, and efficiency. Among many great cars, I owe Toyota respect especially for its fight against the global climate change and emission. This is because of the Prius, which I reckon was revolutionary in changing the way people perceived non-combustion vehicles. Further, even on other engines, Toyota has offered small engines as a way to combat and reduce emissions. It is for this reason that I have specifically preferred the Toyota Corolla (NZE 121), more particularly the manual transmission because the driver is intimately involved in the driving.

The Corolla has had an exciting life and its evolution stretching from 1966 explains that this is one of the best cars ever to be made for this world.

Furthermore, the Corolla would best suit my urgent needs I face as a young law student who travels long distances every semester, it would ease the travelling hustles. The Corolla also boasts of a generous boot, a welcoming and spacious cabin generous enough to transport my family comfortably. In brief, it strikes a balance between, day to day work , family duties, comfort, performance and efficiency. A rare combination to strike but the Corolla embraces all perfectly.

The good side about Corolla all comes to saving. The inevitable fact is maintenance cost on the Corolla is affordable. The Corolla has a small but mighty engine with low fuel consumption. It has therefore proven to be reliable and purposeful in this modern day life, where its all about saving the world and next generations from the fierce consequences of global climate change and daily cost savings too. I would be guaranteed of saving more bucks.

In this accord the Corolla has many features that any driver would certainly enjoy. The Corolla is agile and comes with a natural Toyota soul which no one can break, and in this respect it would go an extra mile to trade great memories without compromising other needs. Having a Corolla in my life from Car From Japan, would mean “my heart has finally met its soul’.

“A eureka moment”, this expression captures everything I have just realised about , they have given everyone under the sun a rare, chance to drive a car. If only I could win the Toyota Corolla, I would be forever grateful and would cherish the gift as long as I live. This is a life-changing opportunity that could see my whole life changing. To win is another thing, but for now the world has to bow down and applaud Car From Japan for their great services, and the great quality Japan used cars they offer at absolutely fantastic offers.

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