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Nyasha Kahari from Zimbabwe message

Nyasha Kahari from Zimbabwe message
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I would really love to win the car from Japan. I’m the most unluckiest person around.I am a recent graduate who has been working for a little over a year now and looking at my pay check buying a new car or even buying a Japanese used car rather buying any used care will definitely take a while (Lol) .I take care of a couple of bills around the house helping out my mom.She lets me borrow her car once in a while but I feel bad on putting strain on her car that’s already getting old.As a young working woman it would just be great to have a car of my own to just get around and make travel to and from work a lot easier for me.I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and I have worked for what I Already have.But sometimes even the hard working wons deserve a little help along the way and winning this car would be one less worry off my shoulder.

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