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Nsajigwa Geofrey from Tanzania message

Nsajigwa Geofrey from Tanzania message
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Car from Japan
Hello Hana, thank you so much for accepting my entry to your competition, am particularly glad you did because am a student which means am on a students budget and I can’t really afford a car at the moment, so that a alone is a reason why you should pick me
Thus your competition came at the right time it’s my sincere hope I will win one of those cars. And when i do win i will make sure i become the best ambassador you ever had as i will go above and beyond the normal limit of an ambassador
What I think about car Japan is, your website is the best thing that ever happened to Africans since Google since like Google you lay a platform to solve our daily car needs.
With that said i will take this opportunity to to thank you again for the acceptance and I stay positive that I will be chosen.
Thanks once again
Nsajigwa Geofrey

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