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Nokuthaba Moyo from Zimbabwe message

Nokuthaba Moyo from Zimbabwe message
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I think cars from Japan are the best used cars in the world. As an owner of a Japanese used vehicle I was blown away by the standard in which the car was when it got delivered to me. Everything about it exceeded my expectations as I could tell that these cars are graded by quality and even though they are pre owned prior to being sold the Japanese companies generally think about the customer on the receiving end. A lot of countries now sell pre owned cars but cars from Japan are well graded and you can see that the former owners have pride in their vehicles which says a lot about Japanese people in general. Honest and proud people who always take car of their vehicles. My pre owned Japanese car is 15 years old and I have had it for 3 year, but it is in a better state and looks as good as a 2 year old car compared to locally sourced cars. I am a hard working single mom who does a lot of charity work with the local schools and hospitals. In as much as I can get around in my little A160 sometimes I need to move and carry things to schools do the school run club of taking and picking up children in our school run club and winning a car will enable me to be able to carry more children and also be able to have more things going on the charity side of things. I think you should pick me as a winner as I am a very dedicated woman who has raised and taken to school 5 siblings all the way to university and believe that no matter how tough life gets anytime we should always have a giving heart and share the little we have in life. In as much as people do not realize it cars from Japan has made a lot of people who never in their wildest dreams ever though they would own a car realize their dreams. The cars are reasonably prized so as to allow an average people to be able to buy and own one of the most valued assets in their lives. Cars from japan have made a difference in the world in that a lot of people have been uplifted in their lives.

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